What is BBA?

  • BBA stands for Biometrics Brain Analysis.
  • BBA uses Dermatoglyphs is (Derma = Pattern & Glyph= Pattern) which is the scientific study of the skin pattern on the fingers and toes and theory of MI- Multiple Intelligent.
  • It has been used in diverse fields like medicine, genetics, psychology, education and recruitment.
  • BBA is the process of evaluating distribution of Multiple Intelligences of an individual using biometrics to understand brain and behavior pattern and overall personality of a person .

Multiple Intelligence

  • MI theory was proposed by Prof. Howard Gardner in 1983
  • He redefine the concepts of intelligence
  • He defined 8 types of multiple intelligence
  • Each person is a unique blend of dynamic intelligence which grow, expand and develop throughout life

Advantages of BBA

BBA report reveals following information about :

  • person’s innate (inborn) intelligence
  • Distribution of multiple intelligence
  • Preferable learning style and method
  • Hidden talent
  • Strengths & limitations
  • Attitude-Aptitude
  • Emotional well being
  • logical behavioral pattern
  • like-dislikes and much more.

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