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लोका: समस्ता: सुखिनो भवन्तु ||

Words in the above Sanskrit shloka are not merely words for me, but are the greatest motivation for me. Born to Shri Jayantilal S Barot and Smt Hansaben Barot in a small village of Mehsana district in Gujarat; I got the social work in my blood. The unfortunate conditions of the family made me earn at a very younger age. Started working as a newspaper wonder and then a STD/PCO center which then grew as a well known document and communication center of North Gujarat.

Usage of latest technology and spread its benefits to the very grass root level , has always been remained a keen interest of mine. And this is the reason for starting a computer education center and BPO center which helped thousands of young boys and girls to get quality computer education at affordable fees and start their career in a good manner. Now days working on usage of latest technology for various government initiatives like Digital India, Clean India, Stand up India and Start up India.

Later, following the foot prints of my beloved father, I joined Bharatiya Janta Party – BJP and this gave me more opportunities of social work. From past many years I have been working more as a social worker helping the needy people. I sincerely thank all those people who gave me a chance to serve them and by that way allow me to make difference in their lives.

The vast experience that I have gained during my own business development leads me to become a Business Advisor for those who really want to get prudent mentoring.

Social Responsibilities

Society provides us with lot more things and support. Its our duty to provide it back in terms of working for privileged people. My efforts in the direction of providing reach of advanced technology to the very remote area of the society or guiding people for their career or helping them out for running business , etc are nothing but a humble return to the society as my vote of thanks.

I have been engaged in many social welfare programmes to discharge my social responsibilities :

  • Vyasan Mukti Abhiyan
  • Tree Plantation
  • Blood Donation
  • Creating IT awareness
  • Cherishing Talent of Youth
  • Provide Skill Development Education Free of cost to needy students.

Along with this my efforts are directed towards making various schemes launched by GoI under the leadership of Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi like :

  • Clean India
  • Skill India
  • Digital India
  • Stand up India
  • Increasing income of farmers

Business Advisor / Mentoring

The vast experience which I have in the various business fields ranging from document shop to BPO center and software development and marketing , helped me to successfully mentor many businesses to set up well. My expertise lies in deep analysis and market research for mentoring literally any kind of business. The consultation ranges from how to raise funds for the business, understanding threats and opportunities for the business, market research , product feedback , long term and short term goals and reaching out to institutional clients and customers.

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